Yont the Cluegh

Places of interest - Yont The Cleugh, Haltwhistle

When visiting Yont the Cleugh, Haltwhistle you are able to explore the local history which dates back to the Roman days and beyond.

Within easy commuting distance you have the Historic Hadrian’s Wall, 73 miles of wall built in stunning scenery covering coast to coast from west to east. The wall is packed with things to do, and many exciting events are planned to celebrate two major milestones in 2017, firstly it is the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian becoming Emperor, and secondly, thirty year anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall becoming a World Heritage Site.

Cawfields Roman Wall is present in the village of Haltwhistle, a steep slope of dramatic views and one of the highest standing sections of the Wall.

The Roman Army Museum provides a deep insight to the Roman Soldier, and how he went about his duties each day.

Featherstone Castle is now a private residence, but dates back to the atleast the 14th century. Walkers regularly stop for refreshment breaks in and around the fantastic grounds

Why not visit Mr George’s Museum of Time, a history of watches and clocks

For those who wish, the stunning Lake District is accessible with a short drive. As is, the Northumberland National Park, Alnwick Castle and the splendid surroundings of Kielder